Sunday, June 29, 2008

Uncle The Miniature Schnauzer.

Let me introduce you to Uncle. Uncle, also responds to Ah Boy is by far, one of the cutest and cheekiest doggie in the world! Uncle is a Miniature Schnauzer by breed, typically very talkative and cheeky, naughty too and most of all, he just makes your heart crumble at his feet with his cute antics.

Uncle is also the Ambassador for puppies&cream. Although he will not model any of the products, he is the Face of Uncle & Stephy Productions. Uncle is approximately 3 years old; his original name - as seen on his cert, is Angletee Truly Sirius. What a cool name, aint it?

But the truth is, he is NOT serious at all.

Ah Boy, is just so cheeky and mischievous - horny too! Check out more of his photos below!!!

Early days... 1st Day I think...

Botak head.


Just showered.

He has his own bucket.

His own Winnie The Pooh shirt.

His own blanket.

His Brazil jersey.

But he had to share his toy with Stephy.

Photoshop editing at its best.

Boy being cute.

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