Monday, January 21, 2008

about us

Uncle & Co was established in 2008 by a loving girlfriend and boyfriend - dog lovers, and specifically Miniature Schnauzer superFans. As they both have four adorabubbly furkids altogether, the amount of time, money and effort devoted to the furkids have been uncountable.

While the furkid owners are pretty vain themselves, they actually love dressing up their doggies too. Over the years, they've spent thousands on over hundreds of dogwear - from collars to leashes, bling blings to shoes, hats and caps, toys and more toys, and specifically - dog clothes.

This loving couple recognizes the fact that while there are many pet shops in Malaysia and in the Klang Valley itself, there are not many that sells a good variety of dog clothes. Plus, even if they do, the prices are all marked up at sky high prices, taking full advantage of the dog lovers community.

Uncle&Co has been customized and tailor-made - this service here is created by dog lovers, for dog lovers. We strive to ensure that doggie lovers community out there get the best for their money - best value, best variety, and fit for size.

We at Puppies&Cream are determined to give you the best service - in fact, money back guarantee if the product does not meet specifications. We want all the doggies out there to be dressed up in the best possible way!


Uncle&Co is proudly presented to you by Uncle & Stephy Productions.

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