Monday, January 21, 2008

frequently asked questions (FAQ).

1. is this site genuine?
yes, 100% genuine - money back guaranteed.

2. is Uncle, Stephy, Fatty and Ally fictional or genuine?
yes they are genuine and live! Uncle came from Angletee Kennels and Stephy came from Menghengken Kennels. Fatty and Ally are their offsprings.

3. how many sizes of dog clothes do you offer?
three sizes only, L, M and S.

4. how much are the dog clothes sold at?
varies. our complete price list will be put up soon.

5. what designs do you offer?
varies also. the complete catalogue will be put up soon.

6. how do i order?
through our online merchant form (coming soon!), or by filling in the form and sending it by email to us.

7. how do i differentiate the codes?
XXX/S/001/YYMMDD - the XXX indicates TYPE (ACC for Accessories, SRT for Shirt, JSY for Jersey, DRS for Dress etc), the S indicates Size (S,M,L as well as F for Free Size), the date indicates date posted.

8. how do i pay?
we require full payment either within 3 days of order confirmation. this is for us to provide you with faster and more efficient service.

currently, we accept Cash On Delivery for purchases above RM100 only, and only available at Midvalley, Centrepoint Bandar Utama and Rasta TTDI, but is subject to availability.

9. is there a bulk discount if i order in large quantities?
yes of course. please contact us for more information.

10. how long is the delivery?
there will be 2 options - the faster or the slower option.
the faster option - will reach you within 5-7 working days.
the slower option - not later than 21 days.

11. is there any place where i can see the products?
very soon, we will set up our flea market shops, with affiliations with some pet shops.

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